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Empowering Your Photography, Manufacturing, and Ecommerce Businesses with Our Revolutionary Software System!”

ERPGo SaaS - Dashboard

Comprehensive dashboard with all business information under one tab

Easy Staff Management

Effortlessly manage employees and clients with easy filter options.

HRM Made Easy

Streamline employee management from attendance to performance with ERPGo SaaS.

Effective Pre-Sales Management

Efficiently manage leads, deals, and estimates for successful pre-sales.

Convenient Kanban View

User-friendly Kanban and List view for easy task management.

Efficient Project Implementation

Manage project details for effective implementation.

Simplified Financial Management

Never miss due dates with easy invoice, payment, expense, and credit note management.

Streamlined Inventory Control

Manage inventory in invoices and bills with ease.

QR Code Integration

Check details of proposals, invoices, and bills with QR codes.

Customer/Vendor Statement Report

Detailed report on customer/vendor transactions.

Digital Signature Contracts

Contract module for secure digital signatures.

Enhanced User Experience

Added GDPR cookie for easier and more useful future visits.

Efficient Stock Management

Streamlined stock and inventory management.

Detailed Stock Report

Get a comprehensive report on stock details.

Easy Image Preview

Preview uploaded images effortlessly.

Customizable Email Templates

Personalize email templates according to business needs.

Enhanced Security with reCaptcha

Added reCaptcha for login and password reset page.

Seamless Cloud Integration

integrate with local, AWS, and Wasabi cloud data storage.

Project Reporting Made Easy

Simplify project reporting with ERPGo SaaS.

Duplicate Project Creation

Duplicate projects easily for efficient project management.

Streamlined Calendar Integration

Use Google Calendar for seamless meeting, event, and task scheduling.

Simplified HR Documents

Build offer letters, joining letters, experience certificates, and NOCs effortlessly.

Easy Form Creation

Create customized forms with the form builder.

Efficient POS Management

Manage point-of-sale operations with ease.

POS Product Discounts

Offer discounts on POS products effortlessly.

Thermal Print in POS

Use thermal printing for quick and accurate POS transactions.

Form Builder Enhancements

Added iframe embed link in the form builder for more lead generation.

Customizable Settings

Personalize RTL, color themes, layout, and settings in ERPGo SaaS.

Multiple Language Support

Available in multiple languages for wider accessibility.

User-friendly RTL Experience

Enhanced experience for users of Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages.

Diverse Payment Gateways

Accept payments through 10 different payment gateways.

Built with Laravel 9

Developed using Laravel 9 framework.

Special SaaS Feature - Plan Creation and Payment

Create and manage plans with flexible payment options.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get all essential business details in one comprehensive dashboard.

Efficient Staff Management

Manage staff details effortlessly with easy filter options.

Role Assignment

Assign roles to staff for controlled access and permissions.

Streamlined Employee Management

Efficiently manage attendance, leaves, meetings, and documents for employees.

Simplified Payroll

Set salaries and generate bulk payments with ease.

Lead and Deal Management

Track and manage leads, deals, and estimates for successful conversions.

User-friendly Task Management

Handle tasks with ease using the Kanban and List views.

Project Management Made Easy

Efficiently handle project details for successful implementation.

Hassle-Free Financial Management

Manage invoices, payments, expenses, and credit notes seamlessly.

Inventory Tracking Simplified

Track inventory in invoices and bills effortlessly.

Enhanced Communication and Integration

Integrate with popular tools like Slack, Zoom, and more for enhanced communication

QR Code Integration

Easily scan QR codes for quick access to information.

Cloud Storage Integration

Store and access files conveniently with cloud storage integration.