Premium Server

Increase Your Sales With
A Faster Website

Site speed is an important factor for your eCommerce success. Faster websites have better search engine standings and higher conversion rates. That is why we provide technology specifically designed to make your store run fast.

Managed Updates

We update your Website automatically to make sure your site runs on the latest application version and is safe against exploits.

Daily Backups

We back up each account daily and keep up to 30 copies. This allows you to resolve most of the site issues with a 1-click restore and avoid downtime.

AI anti-bot system

Our partnered unique AI anti-bot system, trained with the knowledge accumulated by our experts over the years, effectively blocks millions of security threats every day.

Safe staging tool and 

Our security team constantly updates our Web Application Firewall with custom in-house written rules to keep your store safe from various site attacks.

SMSfor Business

Notify Your Customers About Your New Product Arrivals!

When You Notify Your Customers About The New Products, Those Products Are More Likely To Sold Out Within A Short-Period!
That Means More Cash On Hand For Your Business!

Accounting Software

Send professional invoices

Create polished invoices with the click of a button. From adding your company logo to changing fonts, customize invoice templates to reflect your brand.

Automate follow-ups

Set up reminders for your clients so you never have to chase a customer payment again.

Premium Server


SMS Panel Setup


A/C Software Setup