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Digital Process

It is important to have your camera checked out Twice a year. This allows us to identify any camera problems early enough to prevent them from affecting your images. Professional photographers may need to have it checked more often.

If your camera or lens needs repair, a Clean & Check can get your camera or lens back to working order and allow you to take photos or video again. 

Dust spots can occur on camera equipment due to dust accumulating in the sensor. Cleaning your camera equipment is a great way to ensure that it continues working properly, but is also a necessity in today’s digital world.

In digital cameras, there is a danger that dust particles can adhere to the image sensor. Dust can also interfere with the operation of the camera, causing all sorts of troubles such as black spots on the picture. We make sure that the camera is completely clean, both inside and out. Then we check the accessibility of the optical elements and sensor. If everything is working properly, the camera can be returned to the customer as a brand new product.

All cameras can be sensitive to light vibrations. Our In-house Technician will make sure your camera works as it should. We check for the misalignment of the mirror box, auto focus sensor and auto exposure sensor. When we fix the camera we do it the right way, using manufacturer-specific tools & software to make sure it is working correctly.

All checks come with:

  • Image Sensor Cleaning (for cameras with interchangeable lenses)
  • Focusing Screen/Viewfinder Cleaning (if accessible)
  • Mirror Box Cleaning (for DSLR cameras)
  • Camera Inspection:Exposure TestFocus TestShutter TestGeneral Functions Test
  • Exposure Test
  • Focus Test
  • Shutter Test
  • General Functions Test

The proper way to clean a camera/Lens is by using only trained technicians and tools designed for the job. If you clean your gadgets with a pressure Blower, you could damage the sensor.

When you are done cleaning the sensor of your digital camera, you should test the sensor to make sure it works correctly. You can do this by taking pictures in various settings and checking the resulting images.

At Crudoimage Care, we not only ensure your camera is delivered to you free but also inspect it to make sure it is working as expected.

Cleaning the Digital Camera Sensor

One task that can be easy to overlook, but is vital to maintain a sensor is cleaning its sensor. If sensors were made to be simple, they would be less reliable, and less sensitive.

The best way to clean an image sensor is to use the right tools and methods as described by the manufacturer. Scratches and deterioration of the image sensor could cause degraded image quality. Any attempt to do the job in a way that is not the same as specified by the manufacturer would lead to irreparable damage.

Professionals at Crudoimage Care have been cleaning cameras since a long time – they know what works and what doesn’t. They can ensure that you get spot-free images.

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